The Church of St. Timothy

Gathering in Faith, Giving Thanks, Serving the Least among Us

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Saint Timothy Parish is a Roman Catholic community located in West Hartford, CT.

 Fr. Alvin LeBlanc is our Pastor and as the head and heart of the parish, he gently and intelligently guides us on our spiritual journeys.

At this time, we have approximately 940 registered families and serve areas of Bloomfield and West Hartford, and a middle school that educates nearly 100 students. The spirit of St. Timothy’s is one of warmth, caring, sharing and openness. St. Tim’s is well-known not only in West Hartford, but in the greater Hartford area for its social justice programs and community involvement. Families and singles, people of all walks of life are welcome in the St. Timothy community. There are many opportunities to meet new people, share your talents, and find a warm and caring place to worship.

We hope you enjoy this website and can find the information you need. For additional information contact the Rectory at 860-233-5131.

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