The Church of St. Timothy

Gathering in Faith, Giving Thanks, Serving the Least among Us

Joining the Parish

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We are delighted that you are interested in joining our parish family!

Important benefits of registering with St. Timothy’s:

* You have a much easier time completing the steps necessary to 1) marry in the Church, 2) serve as a witness to marriage, 3) become a godparent or 4) serve as a Confirmation sponsor.

* You receive regular updates about important parish news.

* You receive an annual donation report for tax purposes.

* You enable our staff and the archdiocese to more accurately assess and meet the pastoral needs of our parish.

* We all desire a sense of belonging and mutual commitment.  By registering, you feel more settled and part of the parish family.

There are 3 Ways to Register:

  1. Electronically:  Download our census form here, complete it and email it to us at
  2. Via phone:  Call us at 860-233-5131 and we’ll complete the form together
  3. In person:  Stop by the Rectory, the white house south of the church, #1116 North Main St., and complete a paper form

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.