2012 starting Choirs


Calling all singers…we’re looking for new choir members

Our choir, under the direction of Ron Rothermel will begin a new year of weekly rehearsals on Wednesday, September 12 @ 7:00 pm in the music room. If you have ever considered being a part of making our liturgies extra special with the sound of music, please come and join us! We meet every Wednesday, September through mid-June.

Knights of Columbus


The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal benefit society that was formed to be of service to the parish and local community, and to render financial aid to members and their families. The order was founded in 1881 by Father Michael J. McGivney, when he was a 29 year old parish priest at St. Mary's in New Haven, and has grown into an international organization of almost 2 million members.

The Rev. Francis S. O'Neill Council  #13862 is active in the parish and participates in a variety of charitable, religious and social events throughout the year. New members are always welcome. Anyone interested in finding out more about the Knights is encouraged to contact the council's Membership Director Steven Fernandes at 860-232-2949, or the council's Grand Knight Philip Cocchiola at (860) 233-7533.

The council holds monthly meetings in the Music Room at Saint Timothy Middle School. Meetings are normally held on the first Monday of each month throughout the year, and are also posted in the parish bulletin. Officers meet at 7:00 pm and the regular meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

Elected officers of the Reverend Francis S. O'Neill Council:

Knights of Columbus Council #13862
will serve from July 1, 2011 until June 30, 2012
Grand Knight Philip Cocchiola
Deputy Grand Knight David Garlinski

Timothy Winters

Recorder Thomas Waller
Treasurer Raymond LaBrecque
Financial Secretary Matthew McGrath
Advocate Roy Stephens
Warden Shawn Cullen
Inside Guard Michael Rana
Outside Guard David Renker
Trustee - 1st Year Steven Fernandes
Trustee - 2nd Year Harold Smullen
Trustee - 3rd Year Charles Andrew
Chaplin Rev Henry Cody

Pastoral Care Ministry

Pastoral Care Ministry

If you have need of a pastoral care minister (someone to bring Holy Communion to a frail, sick or homebound individual, please call Pat Piano, pastoral associate, at the rectory: 860-232-8594.

Some background about who we are and what we do

The Pastoral Care Ministry of St. Timothy's was started in 1989 with the encouragement and support of Fr. Cody and with training in pastoral skills by Rev. John Swift then Chaplin at Hartford Hospital. That formal training is no longer available but days of reflection and time spent with others in the ministry provide help, support and insight.

In 1990 the Pastoral Care Team wrote the first Candlelight Memorial Service for those suffering from the loss of a loved one. To this day, bereavement services are held annually at St. Timothy's as an expression of our desire to help others in our community to heal.

Pastoral Care ministers are caring people who demonstrate the presence of Christ to others in need through active listening, reflection and prayerful support.

Pastoral Care ministers visit parishioners who are in the hospital, are shut-in either in their own homes or are living in one of the many continuing care/convalescent homes within St. Timothy's parish boundaries.

Many Pastoral Care members are ministers of Holy Communion but that is not a requirement. Some visit homes and pray the rosary, others bring Eucharist and visit in individual rooms while still others conduct prayer services, all with the help of members of the team.

How do I become a Pastoral Care Minister?

While there is no formal training, days of reflection and time spent with others in the ministry provide help, support and insight.

Interested in knowing more, please contact Pat Piano, Pastoral Associate: 860-232-8594 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How much time will it involve?

Your commitment to the pastoral care team ministry is varied depending upon your availability. Time commitment could be as little as a once a month visit to the hospital or as much as "adopting" a homebound parish member who would be visited weekly. There are two meetings each year for team enrichment and support.

How do I know I will make a good Pastoral Care Minister?

Pastoral Care Ministers are caring people who demonstrate the presence of Christ to others in need through active listening, reflection and prayerful support.

Grief Support Groups & The COVE


Grief Support Groups

Grief is natural but extraordinarily difficult - we are here to help. If someone you love has passed, come and join others who have had a similar experience. Share your story, learn helpful strategies, create solutions that work for your life. Join a group or talk to an individual, call Valerie Cordiano at 860-233-1700.

The COVE / West Hartford

This support group for children and teens who have experienced the death of a parent or sibling, and their families, meets September to June, two Sunday evenings a month. Members learn how to best cope with the emotions of grief through discussions, games, and activities by age group.

If you know any family in the area who may be interested in The COVE or would like to volunteer to facilitate the small group activities (training is provided) please call Valerie Cordiano at 860-233-1700.

2010 - 2011 Schedule

Place:  St Timothy Middle School
225 King Philip Drive
West Hartford CT 06117
Time:  5:30 – 7:30 pm

2010 2011
September 12 January 9
September 19 January 23
October 3 February 13
October 17 February 27
November 7 March 6
November 21 March 20
December 5 April 3
December 19 April 17
  May 1
  May 15
  June 5
  June 12

Partners in Prayer


Partners in Prayer is a group of parishioners who pray at home at their leisure for intentions of the St Timothy's Community.

To be contacted by telephone, please call:
Birdie Delmonico at 860-233-8867.

If you wish to be contacted by email, please contact:
Suzanne Travers at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ministry of Hospitality Greeters


[Click here to view Greeters Schedule.]

The Ministry of the Greeter takes on the task of extending the Lord's personal warmth to each person who enters the church. In addition to offering a welcoming spirit at the door of the church, greeters are often the first to be of assistance to those who come to visit. They are often helpful about basic needs, i.e., where are the rest rooms? It is therefore important that they are informed and helpful by nature. Additionally, they are of assistance on big feasts for the orderly reception of Holy Communion and acting as ushers.

All Greeters receive a basic orientation which lasts about one hour. They are expected to arrive at their assigned Mass at least 15 minutes before Mass begins. The commitment is for one year for one Sunday of the month with an option to renew, if desired.

For more information about how to become a Greeter please call Pat Piano at the Rectory, 860-232-8594..

Offertory Counters


[Click here to view offertory counters schedule.]

A ministry that is often overlooked that requires very little time is that of counting the offertory collection on Sunday mornings. 
Counters are scheduled for once a month. 

Contact Sandy Marone at the Rectory at 860-233-5131 if you are willing to help.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers

[Click here to view Eucharistic Ministers schedule.]

The ordinary minister of Holy Communion is the bishop, priest and deacon. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are appointed in situations where ordinary ministers are not available or are insufficient in number. Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion have been appointed in the Parish of St. Timothy:

  • To facilitate the distribution of Holy Communion within Mass because of the large number of communicants and the presence of only one priest and deacon.
  • To allow for a more frequent, even daily, administration of Holy Communion outside of the Mass to those impeded from attending Mass because of sickness or physical weakness.

Requirements for Eligibility

To serve as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, persons must:

  • Be a practicing Catholic, distinguished in their Christian life, faith and morals.
  • Be at least 19 years old.
  • Have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.
  • Demonstrate a deep reverence for and devotion to the Holy Eucharist.
  • Be an active registered member of a parish in the Archdiocese.
  • If married, the marriage must be a valid Catholic marriage.

All candidates attend an Archdiocesan training session (one time only) and a parish session of training before being commissioned for a three year period in the parish. Ministers are expected to serve regularly and are placed on a schedule.

Some Extraordinary Ministers bring Eucharist to the sick, homebound and frail in our community and are usually considered part of the parish Pastoral Care Team.

Extraordinary Ministers are recommended by our pastor, Fr. Cody. Anyone who has interest in this ministry should make their desires known to him.

Men's Retreat League

Mens Retreat LeagueThe Men’s Retreat League is a group of men who organize the Men’s Retreat each year. The Men’s Retreat League serves as a vehicle for all adult men of the parish community to come together for a weekend of reflection, relaxation, prayer, and spiritual inspiration and sustenance.

There is an opportunity for private, individual self-renewal in the peaceful environment away from the pressures of work, home, and family anxieties. All events are voluntary. The retreat is thematic in nature and aimed at meeting the needs for mental, physical, and spiritual renewal.

Held in February, the retreat takes place at the Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center, a self-contained spacious 65 acre campus on Tunxis Road in West Hartford. The Passionist Team consists of five individuals (Sisters, Priests, and lay ministers), all experienced and well trained in delivering an outstanding spiritual experience.

For more information call Sandy Marone at the Rectory at 860-233-5131.



The Traditional Choir usually sings the 10:30 am Mass from September through May, and special occasions. Rochelle Bard is the Music Director and can be contacted at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Contemporary Group, is also under the direction of Rochelle Bard, usually sings at the 8:30 am Mass on the second, fourth, and fifth Sunday of each month. In addition, they sing at the 4:00 pm Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve.

New voices are always needed and enrich the musical and liturgical experience for the entire congregation. If you are interested in participating in the Traditional choir, please feel free to attend weekly practice on any Wednesday evening at 7:00-8:30 pm in the school Music Room. If you are interested in the Contemporary Choir, Practices are 2nd Saturday of Month -2:30pm; and 4th Saturday of the Month-10:10am

If you would like to join the choir, contact the Rectory at 860-233-5131, email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



[Click here to view Lectors schedule.]

Who are we?

Lectors are parish members who have a love for scripture and work hard to proclaim God’s Word to the assembly. To proclaim God’s Word as Paul would have, or, for that matter, Jeremiah or Isaiah, means that for a short while each Sunday the lector may not be him/herself, that, however briefly, they become Paul, …writing from prison, chiding, exhorting, expressing his hopes for the future of the vulnerable new Christian communities. It is the job of the Lector to sound as if the Scripture writer is truly in our midst yet- and this is perhaps the most difficult part – never seeming to be acting.

Just as great actors and actresses seem to be able to sublimate their own personalities in order to portray the roles they are given, so we who are given the task of proclaiming the Word of God at Mass must be able to shed our own skins and assume the masks of Peter, Paul, Abraham, and when necessary, even the Lord God. To read Sacred Scripture to the members of the Christian Community is to cultivate – And by cultivating to carry on – a tradition many thousands of years old. What we do is more than a privilege; it is a responsibility that demands our ablest efforts. When we walk to the ambo to read, all else pales when compared with what we are about to do. Yet, though the task may sometimes seem a bit awesome, never doubt that we are equal to it.  Allen Brings, from Some Reflections on the Art of “Lectoring”
                            (St. Louis , MO:  Adoremus Bulletin, 2002.)

How do I become a Lector?

Lectors go through a training with the leader of our Lectors. Training includes some background on the ministry of the Lector, techniques for preparation, and an overview of the ministry here at St. Timothy Parish. All Lectors are given materials to help in the Proclamation of God’s word as well as workshops on the use of the microphone. To learn more about becoming a Lector, call Patricia Piano at the Rectory at 860-232-8594.

How much time will it involve?

Lectors are placed on a schedule that includes several months and are called upon to proclaim God’s word 2-3 times each schedule.

How do I know I would make a good Lector?

If you love scripture, like to speak in front of groups and have a voice that is understood for clarity and tone, you may be a candidate to become a Lector.

Knitting Ministry

BooksThis is an informal group that meets monthly to pray over and knit shawls to be given away to those that need comfort and healing.  Newcomers are always welcome.

We have both day and evening ministry available:
If you are interested in the daytime ministry, please call Jane Brady at 860-242-4430.

If you are interested in the evening ministry, please call Bertina Williams at 860-233-8928.

Altar Servers

Alter Servers

[Click here to view Altar Servers schedule.]

Serving at God’s altar is an honor and a privilege.  Students in grades four or older are welcome to participate in this ministry.  There is a formation process of three training sessions to

  1. Explain the duties of an altar server.
  2. Offer actual experience at God’s altar.
  3. Deepen understanding of all things sacred, especially the Mass.

For more information, call Pat Piano at the rectory:  860-232-8594.

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