The Church of St. Timothy

There are no strangers here, only friends we have not met yet.

Eucharistic Adoration


The Eucharistic Jesus, Displayed in the Monstrance

To Experience Peace…

               To Gain Clarity… 

                                To Know Love…

                      This is EUCHARISTIC ADORATION

Come spend quiet time in the presence of Jesus, Wednesdays between 8:00am and 6:00pm

Could you use some peace in the midst of a busy week?  Come place yourself before the Eucharist displayed in the monstrance on the altar.  Jesus is truly present there, waiting to spend time with you.  In the silence, talk with Him.  Tell him your needs, your concerns, and your joys.  Stop and listen.  Open yourself up for His graces to flow on you and gently transform you.  Thank Him and adore Him for all that he is to you, and the world.

Please stay as long as you can (an hour is ideal).  Drop-ins are welcome, but if you are able to sign up for an hour slot – or if you would like to become a regular member of the EUCHARISTIC ADORATION GROUP – please email or call one of us:

Shiny Chemmarappally: & 860-232-3721

Barbara Carpenter: & 860-371-7170

Ned Wentworth: & 860-243-0741.

People have testified that spending this time in the presence of
Jesus is the most peaceful, most satisfying hour of their
entire week.

Inclement weather and Eucharistic Adoration:

In case of inclement weather on Wednesdays during the 2017 winter season the following procedures will be followed:

  • The weather forecasts for Wednesdays will be monitored on Sunday and Monday of the week to see if inclement weather could impact the normal opening times for the West Hartford School System.
  • If it appears that a school delay or cancellation is possible, then a second host will be consecrated at Mass on Tuesday.
  • If a school delay or cancellation does take place on that Wednesday:
    • Fr Mukuka will come to the church to perform the Exposition Liturgy at 8 AM that Wednesday morning and will leave the Blessed Sacrament exposed when he leaves the church
      • Members of the Eucharistic Adoration Group can come to the 8 AM Exposition Liturgy weather permitting or Fr Mukuka can celebrate the liturgy alone
  • The Eucharistic Adoration Group Members will come to cover their scheduled hours if the weather permits them to do so. If they are not able to come then the Blessed Sacrament may remain exposed in the church alone
  • A member of the Eucharistic Adoration Group must come to Reposition the Blessed Sacrament at 6 PM or earlier if necessary due to weather conditions.
Francis edit

Pope Francis in Rome, Processing with the Blessed Sacrament