The Church of St. Timothy

Gathering in Faith, Giving Thanks, Serving the Least among Us

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross – The Stations of the Cross is a devotion in which we accompany, in spirit, our Blessed Lord in His sorrowful journey to Calvary, and devoutly meditate on his sufferings and death.

Station One – Jesus is Condemned to Death
Dear Jesus, help me to sin no more and to be very obedient.
Station Two – Jesus Bears His Cross
Dear Jesus, let me suffer for sinners in union with you.
Station Three – Jesus Falls the First Time
Dear Jesus, help those who sin to rise and be truly sorry.
Station Four – Jesus Meets His Mother
Dear Jesus, may Your Mother console me and all who are sad.
Station Five – Jesus is Helped by Simon
Dear Jesus, may I do all things to please You all day long.
Station Six – Veronica Wipes His Face
Dear Jesus, give me courage and generosity to help others.
Station Seven – Jesus Falls a Second Time
Dear Jesus, teach is to be sorry for all our many sins.
Station Eight – Jesus Speaks to the Women
Dear Jesus, comfort those who have not one to comfort them.
Station Nine – Jesus Falls a Third Time
Dear Jesus, show me how to be obedient and to be very kind.
Station Ten – Stripped of His Garments
Dear Jesus, teach me to be pure in thought, word and deed.
Station Eleven – Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
Dear Jesus, keep me close to You from this moment until I die.
Station Twelve – Jesus Dies on the Cross
Dear Jesus, be with me with I die and take me to heaven.
Station Thirteen – He is Taken from the Cross
Dear Jesus, teach me to place all my trust in Your holy Love.
Station Fourteen – He is Laid in the Tomb
Dear Jesus, help me to keep the commandments You have given.